Upgrade Your PC with Our Computer Repair,
Laptop Repair & Virus Removal Services

Download more efficiency into your PC with complete computer repair and laptop repair and services from our experts. neobox inc. specializes in everything from custom built systems to virus removal for your home or office.
About 25% of PCs are fixed over the phone or at our counter in less than 10 minutes!

Free PC Cleaning Services

We take the Dust Out. When fans are blowing along with air, they suck in dust. Dust can lower the life expectancy of your computer. Bring in your computer for a free cleaning today, no appointment no waiting.

Lower Costs for Better Computer Services

Since we're able to work on many computers at one time, we're able to lower costs on computer repair. Depending on the severity of your PC's problem, labor rates range from $19 to $199. When your computer is returned, we provide a 3-year half price warranty* for virus removal and or 1yr for hardware. The longest warranty in the industry. We will also offer to warranty your computer hardware for as little as $19.95 a year. It's our goal to provide 100% satisfaction, so if for any reason we don't live up to this goal, your repair labor is free.

If your computer needs to be checked in for repairs, we will give you a free estimate on the spot. When checked in, your computer may undergo up to 30 hours of scans and tests to verify it's in working order. Most in-home and on-site computer services cannot spend this much time isolating problems correctly.

Fixing a Computer Part